Alpaca Jacquard Cowichan Tunic

Alpaca Jacquard Cowichan Tunic

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The motif is the traditional Fair Isle Sweater originated in Scotland. The regimental patterns are all over the tunic.
The soft and light float wool, the elegant sheen of Alpaca and the Shetland wool's sturdiness are mixed together in this 45R's original wool fabric.
Although the base color is subtle dark tone, the use of multiple colors made this tunic gorgeous and the center piece for your total coordination.
The tunic is long enough to cover the hip with a boat neck opening. There are 2 small pockets on the front. This piece can complete your look with ease.

Wool 100%, Made in China
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Size Shoulder Chest Length Sleeve
One Size 13 1/2" 18 1/2" 26 1/2"  24"
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