Boiled Float Alpaca Jacket

Boiled Float Alpaca Jacket

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This knit jacket is made of fluffy soft float wool. First, we make a jacket in bigger scale since we are not sure how much it is going to shrink after washing and boiling. The rate of shrinkage is different every time. There are so many variables - the origin of the material, type of dye, water temperature... The only way to do this is to repeat the process until you get the ideal shape. The result is meaty, fluffy and soft boiled knit fabric.  This not too formal jacket is great for a daily use and you will be wearing it in many occasions.

Wool 90%, Alpaca 10%

Made in China


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Size Chart

Size Shoulder Chest Length Sleeve
2 13 1/2" 17" 23 1/2" 23"
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