Denim on Denim Quilted Bolero

Denim on Denim Quilted Bolero

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This is a denim bolero with jacquard patterns made of cut outs of indigo fabric. The base fabric is mon-petit denim. The cut out motifs are made of poplin fabric often used for making dresses and shirts. We applied opal finishing technique in which a sheet of  fabric is glued on top of the base fabric and leave only jacquard patterns removing others. Since the glue is strong, you can hand wash this item. The bolero is short, about to hit the waist. The front has no closure. It's nice as is. It is also nice using pin or broach to close the front. This item has many 45R details and is such an elegant piece.

100% Cotton, Made in Japan

This product is dyed with indigo
-Please avoid wearing over or under white clothes.
Color will stain run and stain.
-Sweating or humidity may cause the color to run and stain other clothes. Please wash immediately when stained.
-Please do not bleach
-Please wash separately from other clothes.
-Machine wash at 30c (86F) or gently hand wash.

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Size Chart

Size Shoulder Chest Length Sleeve
2 14 1/4" 18 3/4" 20 1/4" 24"
3 14 1/2" 19 1/4" 20 3/4" 24 1/4"
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